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    Abiotic stresses represent the most important limiting factor for agricultural productivity. Tolerance to abiotic stresses in plant species is determined by a number of genes. Decreasing cost of DNA sequencing has resulted in abundance of sequence information of transcripts implicated in abiotic stress tolerance in addition to a large number of sequences of unrelated genes. With IGBAAS, we have a thematically integrated sequence information pertaining to abiotic stress tolerance from different organisms. Presently, the database consists of more than 2500 gene sequences. Furthermore, the database has direct connectivity to BLAST, primer designing software of NCBI and alignment tool (ClustalW), thereby making it a one point resource for bioinformatics analysis for plant researchers working on candidate gene based molecular markers and functional genomics.

    The database is being developed and we hope to release the beta version very soon, after testing as well as obtaining permissions from various primary web resources that this database relies on.


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